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How My Personal Portfolio Project Became an Obsession

Posted on February 5, 2016 by Brian

My Personal Portfolio Free Code Camp’s first Basic Front End Development Project is to Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage. Having done this before last August, I figured I could get this done during my second week back at Free Code Camp. However, a thought occurred to me. If I’m going to make a personal portfolio, why … More →

The NEW is Here!

Posted on by Brian

Or almost here depending on when you read this. I am currently in the process of pushing the new site from my test environment. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and there are not too many bugs. I will have a new post later today detailing the grand 2.5 week adventure it was putting it all together. … More →

Week 2 and Beyond

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Brian

Finally, an Update! This has been a couple weeks in the making. I should have made this post after week 2 but I became quite focused on getting the Front End Project Personal Portfolio completed. I’m not done yet but I am close. I did complete the rest of the Basic Algorithm Scripting pretty early in week 2. … More →


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I am an aspiring web developer currently in Los Angeles, CA. My wife and I moved out here last year from the blistering desert of Las Vegas. I've always wanted to live in southern California but ultimately it was about keeping the Mrs. happy. Wise man once said, "Happy wife, happy life."

I'm a bit of a romantic. I'm also a bit of a goofball. I love hard ciders (can't stand the taste of beer though as much as I try). I find great enjoyment in terrible movies. There's just something fantastic about a movie based on a silly premise, a bad plot, and not so good acting. I enjoy wasting time and getting lost in a video game. I was once again champion of my fantasy football league. Two questions I get asked all the time, "How tall are you?" and "Did you use to play basketball?" At 6'6", I am taller than 99% of people and yes, I use to play basketball.

I decided to embark on this journey of being a web developer after buying a StackSocial deal for Coder Manual's Web Developer Bootcamp with Rails. The deal showed up on my Facebook feed one day and piqued my interest. I've always had a bit of a fanscination with coding but never thought much of making it a career. I remember back when my family first got a computer in the mid 90s and at some point learning basic HTML because I found it interesting.

The Web Developer Bootcamp took me through the basics of Rails and branched off on learning some JavaScript. It had me do a couple Codecademy courses which were helpful starting out. However, it then sent me to learn more through some books that were way over my head. At this point, I took a step back and tried to figure out what I could do to learn JavaScript. Enter in Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp has been a wonderful learning experience. I'm learning more JavaScript every day, getting challenged to find solutions to problems, and getting to apply what I'm learning through fun projects. There is a great community to connect with and get help when you get stumped, there are opportunities to pair program and join meet ups, and the guys behind Free Code Camp are happy to help, talk, and push to make it a greater community.

I am currently going all in on learning JavaScript through Free Code Camp. I am working full time but devoting the majority of my free time going through their challenges. There is a lot to learn but thankfully I've got the ambition and dedication to making this career jump.

Follow my journey on my blog and feel free to reach out throught the connect form to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!