Hi, I'm Brian Emory.

Me at beach

But you probably already knew that since you went to my website. You can find me all over @thebrianemory. I am a web developer with giraffe-like qualities currently residing in Los Angeles, CA with my wife and our three kitties Thor, Tony, and Captain (that's right, she let me name them after Avengers). I enjoy bad movies, hard cider, and love pizza. I am a bit of a romantic, a goofball, and a gamer. My lucky number is 13 which sounds odd, but if you ask me how I met my wife it will all make sense (spoiler alert, it involves the number 13).

While my first love is Ruby on Rails, I have recently taken to learning Elixir. After completing a Udemy course and then putting together my first Elixir/Phoenix app, I have decided to focus solely on Elixir. I enjoy writing Elixir, enjoy reading the code, and look forward to doing it in my day-to-day work.

Programming is a passion and something I really enjoy doing. It feels good to have a passion not only be a career, but something you can do for fun and to help people out. Every day there is more things to learn and more code to write.

You can read what I am up to on my blog, check out my current projects on GitHub, and connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you!


Elixir: Display Your Medium Posts on Your Website Aug 15, 2017

By Using GetMedium

You know what isn’t easy to do? Display your Medium blog posts on your website. You know what can be easy to do? Display your Medium blog posts on your website. I first bumped up into this problem when I made my personal site using Rails. When I switched my site to Elixir and Phoenix, I... Read more

A Newsletter Sending System Code Challenge Aug 11, 2017

Completing it taught me a lot

I was tasked with a code challenge to create an Elixir/Phoenix app that would be a newsletter sending system. The requirements were simple and I had 48 hours to complete it. I lost a bit of time on the first day which caused me to cut some corners and not use TDD (tsk tsk). I had a deadline and... Read more

Focusing on Programming Elixir Aug 02, 2017

Time to change things up

I have been learning Elixir the last few months and I am really enjoying it. So much in fact, I am making that my main focus. This includes what I spend my time learning and programming, and where I apply to for jobs. Elixir 1.5 and Phoenix 1.3 just came out so it is a good time to buckle down and... Read more


GetMedium GitHub

GetMedium is an Elixir package to solve the problem of Medium's API not having a way to get your blog posts. Medium's API currently only allows posting to your blog which is a problem for those of us who want to display all or part of our recent posts on our personal site. GetMedium returns a truncated version of your Medium blog posts.

Vidshare GitHub

Vidshare is an Elixir/Phoenix port of my Rails app Flatcasts. I wanted to build something using Elixir/Phoenix so updating Flatcasts seemed like a great choice. Signed in users can add videos using just the URL from YouTube or Vimeo. It is the basis for my Elixir tutorial on Medium to create an Elixir/Phoenix app called Catcasts.

Corneal GitHub

Corneal is an open source Sinatra app generator with Rails-like simplicity. I wanted something as easy as rails new app-name for a project I was working on. Closest thing I found was a gem called Hazel. It was suggested to me to make my own. I forked Hazel and like that, Corneal was born. It was featured in Ruby Weekly #353.


Frequently Asked Questions

How tall are you?

I am 6'6".

How's the weather up there?

The weather is great.

Do you play basketball?

No, I do not play basketball.

Can you help me? I can't reach up there.

Yes, I can get that down for you.